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Welcome to Biblical Prayer Bracelets (BPB). My name is Melody Koonce-Hubbard the founder of BPB.   BPB was founded in March 2005. Ironically, it started out by an inspiration from my daughter Kaylah who came home from a birthday party and showed me a bracelet she had made.  It was a beaded stretch bracelet. She was so excited and wanted to make more, so I took her to the craft store to buy the supplies she needed.  As we started making the bracelets she said, “Mom maybe we can make a bunch and you can sell them”.  At that point I gave it some thought and prayer.  God spoke to me and gave me the vision to make prayer bracelets of different colors and styles.  I also took special requests from friends and family members. My son, Darryl Jr., at the time who was still in high school was very much into computers and technology.  He said “Mom I could make you a website and you can sell them there”.  So he designed me my very first website and the rest is history.  He is still my little “Web Designer”.    My daughter followed in her big brothers footsteps and is now in College majoring in Digital Media. God is Good!


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