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Our first Testimony read below:


“Tabernacle” Bracelet.  It is an inspiration from my cousin “Nicole” who is truly a strong, powerful woman of God!  She called me one morning and told me to make the “Tabernacle” bracelet. She felt something in her spirit so, she told me to read Exodus and it will come to you as to how to construct the design. I had no clue on how to put it all together so I spoke with my other cousin “Angela” and she read through Exodus with me to help me truly understand.  It’s taken almost a year, but finally I found most of the materials to make it.  The acacia wood beads are shipped directly form Bethlehem, Israel.  It took them almost 2 months to get here.  They are handmade authentic acacia wood beads. This biblical wood is from trees that have been bearing fruits in the Nativity town of Bethlehem since the time of Jesus.  A natural raw material that was produced from the prunes of young acacia wood trees, the sprouts from the trunks of the old and unproductive trees which is an essential process for a healthier growth for the trees and to generate environmental stability.  No trees were damaged or destroyed in the process of harvesting this acacia wood.

Now I represent to you “The Tabernacle” Prayer Bracelet.

“The Tabernacle” Edition
Exodus 25 vs. 3-22
The elegant vermeil component prayer bracelet represents the making of “The Tabernacle”. It was a temporary sanctuary built so that the Lord could dwell amongst the Children of Israel. The wooden acacia wood beads represents the ark of the sanctuary layered in pure gold. The blue sapphire, purple amethyst, and red scarlet beads represent the thread that they used to make the breathtaking coverings.  The gold angels were positioned on each side of the mercy seat with their wings outstretched.

Prayer: “Father God as I wear my bracelet,  I pray that you continue to dwell within me through difficult and joyful times, and may it encourage and uplift  me to continue to worship you in good and difficult times, so that I can continue to spread your Word!” In Jesus Name, Amen!

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